‘‘İzel Kimya A.Ş.’’'s sustainability development strategy is closely linked to the company's mission to create vibrant lives for existing and new generations. ‘‘İzel Kimya A.Ş.’’ believes that sustainability will guide the principles and values in the coming years.

The balance between economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility has long been the foundation of our corporate culture. Our activities in the field of sustainable development include a long-term entrepreneurial spirit and all types of activities at all levels of the economic chain.

Developing sustainable products is of great importance to ‘‘İzel Kimya A.Ş.’’ since it forms the basis of our future business portfolio. Even today, most of our production is renewed with new and sustainable products.

Our Missions

- To be one of the 500 largest industrial enterprises of the second İSO of Turkey in 2023.

- Become a company that exports $ 50 million in 2023 to more than 75 countries on five continents.

- To be among the three best companies in the industry in terms of brand recognition in the world.

- Establish partnerships by selling a certain share of a strong company in this sector.

- Reach a place among the companies listed on the stock exchange in Turkey.

Our Visions

- In order to increase the efficiency of our company in national and international markets; to be the most reliable and respected company in the World as a brand with high international competitiveness thanks to new created and developed products and applications, and to be the Pioneer of the sector which constantly develops its own methods in its field of expertise.