About Us

About Us


Izel Kimya was established in 1996 as a supplier of alkyd resins to the paint and varnish industry. Over the past two decades, it has extended its product range to cover Acrylic Resins and Acrylic Polyols, Polyester Resins, Epoxy Curing Agents and Polyaspartic Resins.

Izel manufacturing plant is located in the Gebze Chemical Industrial Zone over a 10.000 m² area of which 8.500 m³ is covered. From this modern facility, Izel has been supplying leading paint manufacturers in Turkey and Europe with high performance products delivered to customer requirements.

Over the years, Izel has built up a close relationship with its customers based on product performance, quality and consistency, supply reliability, technical support where required and its ability to design tailor-made solutions for individual key customers.

Izel currently exports 70% of its production to around 500 customers located in more than 50 countries across all five continents. Izel is the first and in a few cases - only company in Turkey to manufacture Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins, Thermosetting Acrylic Resins / Acrylic Polyols, Saturated Polyester Resins, Epoxy Hardeners and Aliphatic Polyureas/Polyaspartic resins.

The company culture at Izel motivates the entire team to strive to become the first and the best in their select fields of activity and this has manifested itself in the form of several prestigious awards that Izel have earned from various Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies and associations.

Izel is committed to providing a dynamic and enterprising work environment to its employees, an environmental friendly manufacturing facility observing the highest standards of pollution prevention and effluent treatment to its immediate ecological surroundings, plant and animal habitats as well as its neighborhood communities. Additionally, Izel is committed the UN Global Compact and have recently begun working on their Sustainability Program to translate their business processes to reflect this.