Water Reducible Alkyd Resin
Product Name Packaging Description TDS MSDS
IZELKYD AQ 41 BG 75 200 kg • Low carbon foot print, more safety and environmentalist • LVOC even after tinting • Excellent heat stability and high yellowing resistance • Very good hardness • Very fast air drying with suitable driers (19-25 min. soft to touch; 2,5 - 3,5 hours completely dry / 25 ºC and 55% RH) • Excellent hydrolytic stability • Good weathering and gloss retention.
IZELKYD AQ 12 BG 41 200 kg • For water based varnish, filler, primer and topcoat paints • Very fast air drying and good adhesion • Good compatibility to pure acrylics • High gloss and yellowing resistance • Suitable for LVOC systems.
IZELKYD AQ 33 BG 45 200 kg • Suitable for can & coil coating systems etc. • Excellent adhesion and good water resistance • Very good flexibility and termal resistance (< 200ºC)

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