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Izel Kimya A.Ş is a company established in 1996 to meet demands of paint and varnish manufacturers by producing alkyd resin which is a type of synthetic resin that is an important raw material used in paint industry. Initially, Izel Kimya Ltd was established for the purpose of producing thinner in location of Seyhli, Pendik at 2000 Tons/Year production capacity. The demand of the market naturally created supply and at first our company reached the capacity of 1250 Tons/Year varnish production (cellulose with polyurethane filling and garish). After that in 1998 the polyester resins’ capacity reached 1620 Tons/Year. The capacity and customer portfolio increased continuously and it brought new researches.

After Ar&Ge works and trial production, firstly in 1998 alkyd resin production was taken into an action with the capacity of 1750 Tons/Year, in a short time increased to 4320 Tons/Year.

By 2009, the facility adjusted itself to changing circumstances and decided to unit. Up to that year, the company was located in Kurtköy. In 2011 our factory moved to its own plant in Dilovası/KOCAELI in an Chemical organized area.

Now Izel Kimya produces 40,000 tons alkyd resin in a year, 8,500 m2 closed area in 10,000 m2 total company area and has a storage area of 2,500 m2.

IZEL Kimya serves most of the paint and varnish manufacturers and dominates the market. In the customer portfolio, both big and small scaled companies exist since the value given to the each customer is the same.

Leading coating firms in Turkey are preferring alkyd resins produced by IZEL Kimya. As a result of high performance alkyds, fast and safe delivery of products, technical service tailored to every customer’s needs and extensive experiences, IZEL Kimya become a reliable name in alkyd resin market. It has been more than 15 years that companies manufacturing paint and varnish outside the Turkey, meet with the quality of IZEL Kimya’s alkyd resin. Now, more than 10% of the total alkyd resin production is exported to the different countries in three continentals. In Middle East, Europe, and Turkish Republics, IZEL Kimya’s alkyd resins are preferred by many companies.

IZEL Kimya is the only company in Turkey which only produces alkyd resin. If the Turkish market is considered, IZEL is the second in the production of alkyd resin. The secret behind its success is the high quality standards of the products and best service provided to the customers. Starting from the raw materials, every step of the process and factors affecting the reaction are taken under control. By providing high quality raw materials, by employing valued engineers and experienced workers and by enabling logistic service with isolated tanks, isolated containers and drums; IZEL Kimya’s name and quality becomes more recognizable every day. Also, one of the most important service of the company is the technical service for each customer.



Alkyd Resins

Alkyd Resins ,generally gives products which can be used for cover paints. They are polymers that are condensation product of oil and fatty acids with polyacid and polyol.It can be defined as modified polyesters.

Alkyd resins’ productivity, film forming conditions and film properties depend on the type and the lenght of the oil. Alkyd resins show the features of oil if the oil lenght is long. If the oil lenght is short, alkyd resins have the properties of polyester chain. The type of oil and the lenght of oil in alkyd resins are very important for the decision of usage area.

Classification of Alkyd Resins

The need for a a variety types of paint and varnish increased by following the development of technology due to this reason the production of different types resins refer to binders started for manufacturing the varied types of paint and varnish kinds.

Long Oil Alkyd Resins

Length of oil (oil percentage) is more than 55 in alkyd resins formulations.Long oil alkyds have a high percentage of driying oil content.

Medium Oil Alkyd Resins

The percantage of oil in alkyd resins is between 45-55.Medium oil alkyds have less driying oil and have a higher percentage of large molecular weight polymer backbone.

Short Oil Alkyd Resins

The percentage of oil in alkyd resin is less than 45.The percentage of drying oil is very low in relation to the base alkyd polymer chain


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