In order to develop new technologies and products in a separate unit, our company applied to the Ministry of Industry in 2017 and became the center of R&D in the same year. Our R&D Center has a 250 m2 area and is located in İZEL chemical factory. 

Our R & D Center employs 19 full-time personnel, 1 PhD, 2 MSc chemist, 1 chemical engineer, 5 chemist, 5 chemical engineer, 1 industrial engineer, 3 chemical technicians and 2 supporting staffs. As an R & D center, our employees are supported and encouraged to make graduate and doctoral studies.

Our goal is to be a competent research and development center that pursues technological developments in the resin industry and conducts applied research and provides new products to the world market. Within this scope, it is aimed to provide added value and innovative products.

İzel Chemical has successfully completed many public (KOBİ, TEYDEB etc.) and internally supported projects in the past years. There are many projects currently underway and these projects provide employment in the field of chemistry as well as an environment for scientific studies by increasing the number of devices.

We have successfully completed projects such as water-based alkyd resin production, saturated polyester resin synthesis and water-based acrylic resin production.


   The goals of our R&D center can be summarized as follows;

  • Development of new products
  • Development of production technologies
  • Cost reduction studies in existing product productions
  • Development of economical and environment friendly products
  • Increase competence of  R&D personnel
  • Development of joint projects with universities and other companies


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