08 Nov 2018
“…19-22. March. We have successfully represented our company and our country at the World's 2nd biggest Paint and Coating Exhibition in Nuremberg / Germany. Without interruption, we are preparing "American Coating Show" to the world's largest…”
07 May 2018
We would like to thank all our dealers, customers, suppliers and all our people who voted for our company. Our firm was awarded as the most successful chemical industry company of the year at the award ceremony.
07 Apr 2018
Paintistanbul Turkcoat 2018 fair was a very productive and enjoyable fair. We would like to thank all dealers, customers, and our customers who have left us alone in our stand. After the fair, we hosted our dealers and customers in our company and we had a nice weekend with company tour, lunch with Turkish cuisine, and a throat tour in the evening.

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